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Wayne Dyer’s Books

I’m a Self Help type of person!  Yes Stuart Smiley, I want to be good enough and smart enough too!   I want and need to take on the challenge of improving my self, how I think, act, etc.  One author wrote many books that support me on this journey, Dr. Wayne Dyer.  The first book I read of Dyer’s was “Your Erroneous Zones”  when I was 16.  I hardly remember the details, but it set me on a path of enjoying Dr. Dyer’s talks and books for the past 20 plus years.  Many of his books seemed to move toward being more spiritual over time.  I was happy to find this out when I got back into his books.


Here are a few of my favorites:


If Dr. Dyer’s books have changed your life in some way, please feel free to comment below.