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Unless I Have Already Saved Myself

Today I want to remind anyone who has or is going through a painful time. You are loved, you are not alone, and healing happens.

Each of us suffers. We all have something that hurts our soul, messes with our mind, and threatens to change our core if we let it. The choice is ours. Let it or learn from it.

Learn, grow, and move on even in those moments when crippling doubt creeps in and fears start to knock around in your brain. You can heal, you can have a better life, and you likely already do if you notice it. It’s already yours because you are here. It’s already yours because you are in control of your actions.

One realization I had is that no one is going to save me but me. No one. No matter how talented can save me unless I have already saved myself.

May you be surrounded in light and love.

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And yet, sometimes healing must happen alone

I let time lapse and not shared the middle of the story with you. Yet, here I am to say hope and healing are yours to have if you want, even if that means divorcing the person who had an affair/s and healing on your own.

Trying must be a two sided coin, a joining of both people to make a marriage work. In my case, it didn’t work. He did it again, I didn’t do enough, I might fill in the blanks from my obviously biased opinion at some point. He cheated again and the story is one that I couldn’t even make up. I know some have been through what is judged as worse and others through things that are judged as easier than my story. I’m here to say, I will do my best not to judge. To just know and understand that you too may have hurt, or be hurting right now desperately searching the internet for signs of a future that is better than what you are feeling right now.  I offer you these words-you are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone and you can have a better life.